Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking A GAP Insurance in Mount Pocono

For our customers at Ray Price Ford, there are few resources as valuable for their new vehicles as GAP insurance. A GAP insurance plan is a perfect fit if you have zero down payments, a loan term exceeding 60 months or a high interest on the loan. This plan will save you money by covering the car’s loan balance if the vehicle is stolen or totaled. GAP insurance is available from your insurance company and our car dealership which offers additional upsides with the package.

Why our clients love the GAP insurance package
  • A no deductible GAP policy
  • There is no risk of cancellation
  • Increased consumer claims do not trigger a rise in the insurance premiums
  • A high insurance rate

A GAP insurance acquired from us is greater than most coverage rates by insurance companies. You will most likely benefit when the car needs a replacement that the insurance company can only afford to repair. Visit or contact our branch to learn more about protecting your finances through acquiring a GAP insurance at 2971 Route 940 today!

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