The Ford Explorer is a Well Performing SUV

If you are considering purchasing an SUV for your family and you want something that will perform well, consider the Ford Explorer from the Ray Price Ford dealership in Pocono, PA. This is a popular choice for those searching for an SUV with a third row of seats.

The Ford Explorer offers you help when you are pulling a trailer. It helps to stabilize the trailer and keep it from swaying where it should not go, allowing you to stay in control of that trailer. The Ford Explorer also helps you as you move around curves. This vehicle offers Curve Control to help you stay where you should be when you are driving.

If you are interested in checking out the Ford Explorer, contact our sales team. We are eager to show you the many features of his vehicle. Come by our Pocono Ford location to take the Ford Explorer out for a test drive and try its features out for yourself!

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