Understanding What Brake Fluid Does

All brake systems depend on the synchronized movement of specific parts needed to provide safe operation. Brakes systems are primarily hydraulic processes that utilize fluid held in the reservoir and throughout the brake lines that force the pads onto the rotor when pressure is applied at the foot pedal or when an automatic braking system is engaged. Automatic brake systems are typically standard equipment on newer vehicles, but many older models still use the traditional brake assemblies.

Both types of braking devices use fluid to ensure that all parts work properly. The most important property of brake fluid is that it can be compressed and used for applying hydraulic pressure to a connected brake system component. Fluid comes from the reservoir out into the brake lines and then down to the calipers that force the brake pad against the rotor when engaged by the foot pedal.

It is important to remember that, even though brake fluid does not require changing, the level is very important for properly working brake systems. Always have your brake fluid level inspected a standard part of vehicle servicing by a professional mechanic like or techs at Ray Price Ford to maintain proper braking safety.

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