What Do You Need to Know about Differential?

Rear-wheel-drive (RWD) vehicles have a differential. The engine powers them to turn through the drive train and differential. Different types of vehicles have different ways of transmitting force to the wheels. A front-wheel drive, for example, houses the differential and transmission together in the front of the vehicle.

The differential’s gears provide the rear wheels the ability turn corners at different speeds. Those closest to the turn, or the inside wheels, travel a shorter distance and at a slower rate than the outside. The wheels on the outside, opposite the turn, need to move fast, and at a greater distance, to keep up with the inside. The gears compensate for the distance and speed difference.

The differential requires heavy oil to keep it working properly. If you’ve noticed a whining noise in the back of your car, it may be time for service. Let our knowledgeable technicians at Ray Price Ford answer any questions the next time you’re in Mount Pocono, PA.

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