Ford Fusion Energi Performance Features & Handling

The results are in, and the Ford Fusion Energi has received high marks for its handling and performance options. The Fusion hybrid models have been praised for their design and engineering. The latest models feel fine-tuned and ready to take on any road. The Ford Fusion Energi comes standard with a four-cylinder, 2.0-liter engine and an electric motor. With both, the Energi puts out 188 horsepower.

With a continuous variable transmission (CVT), you’ll get the smooth gear shifting of a modern transmission. You can also use any standard 110-volt outlet to charge the battery fully and head back out on the road. You’ll get a ton of fuel efficiency with this electric car, too. For example, the Energi is rated for 97 mpg while on gas and it has 42 mpg for the city/highway.

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