Hit the Streets in Style with the Ford Explorer

Ford has a number of sought-after SUVs in its lineup. The Ford Explorer is truly the epitome of a modern-day SUV. This three-row vehicle sports a stunning exterior design that's striking. Of course, the Explorer will provide plenty of seats and advanced innovation. Here's a quick breakdown of this SUV's architecture.

Sleek, attractive, and swift perfectly describes the exterior design of this machine. The new Ford Explorer is a sight for sore eyes thanks to its magnificent features. The vehicle's front grille is elegant as well as aggressive. The SUV's lighting is signature, and it perfectly encases the edge of its body on the front and to the rear. Dark body molding and slightly higher than normal wheel arches makes for a wonderful combination. Depending on the trim, this vehicle comes with various front grilles. This frame is also very muscular and athletic, which makes it a game-changer for vehicle enthusiasts.

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