Stay Informed Using the LCD Display in a New Ford F-150

When an average vehicle travels to a destination, many components work together in order to produce horsepower and torque. In a Ford F-150, you can strategically monitor information that impacts speed and power by scanning clusters on a panel.

The display is found behind the steering wheel, and it has an eight-inch LCD screen. Its technology is synced with key mechanical hardware so that the panels can provide accurate towing data and information about fuel economy. If needed, you can customize the menu on the display panel according to your driving habits. Ford included several custom options, which include Towing, Off-Road, Trip/Fuel, and Truck Info.

You can check out these features and other useful technologies while test driving a Ford F-150. If you want to test an F-150 on the road, opportunities are available at Ray Price Ford. We're a professional automotive dealership, and we make test drives educational by sharing information about highlighted features during each drive.



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