The lights on your dashboard are your car's way of keeping in touch with you and letting you know when it needs a little help. When there are so many different systems to keep track of, though, you may need help to determine what each light is trying to tell you. 

This Ford Escape dashboard symbols guide will help you understand some of the most important indicator lights on your dash, so you'll know just what to do when you see one during a drive around Mount Pocono, Tobyhanna, Scranton, Blakeslee and Pocono Pines.

Anti-Lock Braking System: If illuminated while driving, there is a fault with the system. Your normal brakes will continue to function, but you'll want to get the car checked out soon.


Auto Start-Stop: Illuminates when your engine is shutting down while the car idles in order to conserve fuel.


Battery: If illuminated while you drive, there is a problem with the battery. Turn off all unnecessary electrical equipment, such as the radio and air conditioner, and have the car serviced immediately.


Brake System: Illuminates when the parking brake is engaged while you drive. If the parking brake is not engaged, you may have a low brake fluid level or other brake system malfunction. Have your car checked immediately.


Electric Park Brake: Illuminates when the electric parking brake has a malfunction. Regular brakes should continue to work normally, but you'll want to have the system checked soon.


Engine Coolant Temperature: Illuminates when engine coolant temperature is high. Turn the engine off as soon as possible and allow the engine to cool before turning the car back on. If the problem reoccurs, have the car checked as soon as possible.


Engine Oil: If illuminated while driving, there is a problem with the system. Stop your engine immediately to prevent damage and check the oil level. If the oil is at an appropriate level, but the light remains on, don't resume driving. Have the car towed to be serviced immediately.


Low Tire Pressure Warning: Illuminates when your tire pressure is low. Check your tire pressure as soon as possible, and restore it to the recommended level.


Powertrain Fault: Illuminates when a powertrain or all-wheel drive fault has been detected. Have your vehicle serviced immediately, as it could be unsafe to drive.


Service Engine Soon: This warning light may indicate a variety of different issues. If the light stays illuminated while driving, there may be an issue with the Vehicle Emissions Control System, and you'll want to have your vehicle serviced soon. If the light is flashing, there may be an engine misfire, which can lead to vehicle damage. Drive gently without heavy acceleration or braking, and bring your car directly to be serviced immediately.


Stability Control: If this light remains illuminated while driving or doesn't light up when you first turn on the ignition, there may be a malfunction with the system. Have the car checked as soon as possible.


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